5 things you miss out on while renting April, 2019

Are you contemplating whether you should keep renting or build your dream home? 

It's a big decision and there are many factors to consider when making your choice. Here, we've listed 5 things you miss out on while renting instead of owning your own home:

  • Pets
    Dogs may be a man’s best friend but they aren’t your landlord’s! A lot of landlords have a no pet policy, with those that do allow pets requiring additional costs such as pet deposits and renters insurance. No animal lover should have to live without their furry friends!
  • Personal Space
    Renting with housemates can be the worst. Wanting to sleep before a big day at work or an important exam? Your housemates may be blasting music in the room next door. From not doing their allocated chores, to having other people over constantly, sometimes all you need is a house to yourself!
  • Design freedom
    Renting prevents you from adding personal flair to your home. Rentals have a lot of restrictions in regards to wallpapers, painting and interior designs. Those 70s floor tiles in the kitchen that you hate? Unfortunately you're stuck with them!
  • Self-Reliance
    Renting means not only having to rely on your housemates but also your property manager and landlord. Whenever there is a faulty toilet or leaking sink, you have to contact your property manager, who then contacts the landlord, who then allows your property manager to deal with the repairs. Hopefully they respond quickly as living without hot water isn't ideal.
  • Privacy
    Do you get that sense of dread when you receive your rent inspection letter? Spending your nights scrubbing the oven, cleaning the rangehood and removing mould stains from the bathroom isn't anyone's idea of fun. Plus if you're keeping a pet without permission, good luck finding someone to look after your bird for a day. 

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