Coffee and cafes close to home July, 2019

Nothing like the smell of coffee to get you out of bed and get your day started! We know some days instant just doesn’t cut it, so we’ve done the rounds and found some great locales close to Landsdale and your new home in Crest. Need breakfast too? or you just want a snack? we (and these awesome cafes) got that covered too. Check them out next time you need a coffee hit.

Haystack café – This lovely café is located at Landsdale Farm School, less than a 5 minute drive from Crest. All food is prepared fresh from the farm and even the coffee beans are locally roasted, so you know you’re going to feel fresh as a daisy after a cuppa and snack from here.

RollerZ – These guys are opened from 6AM Monday to Friday! So if you’ve got an early start or just really love being up early they’ve got you sorted. It’s the same amazing coffee you know and love from the RollerZ van in Midland but even better because you’ve got more muffin options in store!

Café bloom – Around the corner from home in Crest, this is one sweet spot. Located inside Roworth’s Nursery, Café bloom are known for their delightful homemade scones, cakes, slices and wonderful coffee. This is one we recommend for the weekend, just so you can really enjoy your coffee and cake.

Coffee Connection – This hole in the wall coffee shop is opened 7 days a week and is just the spot for all coffee aficionados. Only 10 minutes from home housed at the Malaga Markets, these guys will literally let you choose your coffee bean flavour and there and then turn it into the liquid gold you so love. You can also buy your beans and take them home to DIY too, what’s not to love!

Now you know these wonderful cafes so close to home at Crest in Landsdale, you’ll be well caffeinated and moving into your new Move Home in double the speed!

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